Analysis / Consultation

Analysis and reconstruction is the process of examining the ALL the crime scene documentation (reports, photographs, sketches, etc.) and evidence in an effort to determine a parameter for which an event(s) took place. This parameter will be use in determining the Best Explanation for a given set of events. The greater the detail of the crime scene documentation, the narrower the parameter may be. The analysis / reconstruction may be of a narrow nature that involves answering a single investigative question, to a full blown “tell us what happened” reconstruction. Ultimately the analyst / reconstructionist will provide an opinion based on the “Best Explanation” which is based on the totality of the evidence, documentation and the context of the crime scene. An analysis will rarely provide an opinion that describes every action within a scene. This may be due to limited documentation or a lack of evidence to simply explain what happened during that specific event. The analysis in other areas of the incident may eventually provide useful information that may assist in forming an opinion in some of these areas of limited documentation and in other instances; it will provide no additional helpful information.

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Forensic Training

The courses provided by Everett Baxter Jr Forensics, LLC are accredited through the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) in the state of Oklahoma. Many states recognize other states accredited courses. In these cases, simply providing the certificate received for successful completion of the course to their states law enforcement training commission will suffice in receiving law enforcement training in their particular state.

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