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Everett Baxter Jr Forensics, LLC is a Forensic Education and Consultation Company. Our goal is to provide the highest quality instruction and case analysis. We provide instruction and mentoring in a wide variety of forensic disciplines. Each case analysis is peer reviewed.

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What Students are Saying

Shooting Incident Reconstruction

I will be taking other classes from this instructor.  I will also be recommending this instructor to other

Bill, Muskogee, OK
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis 1

The instructor surpassed my expectations for taking a relatively difficult subject matter and making it understandable

Miles, Oklahoma City
Crime Scene Investigations

Excellent class.  Information was presented and then students were allowed to practice what they learned, making the techniques easier to grasp.  Great course that I would highly recommend to others

Michael, Muskogee, OK
Crime Scene Investigations

Excellent class learned more in the class than other I have attended.  Overall challenging yet informative

Gary, Catoosa, OK


Complete Crime Scene Investigation Handbook

Crime scene investigators are the foundation for every criminal investigation. The admissibility and persuasiveness of evidence in court, and in turn, the success of a case, is largely dependent upon the evidence being properly collected, recorded, and handled for future analysis by investigators and forensic analysts in the lab. Complete Crime Scene Investigation Handbook is […]

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Complete Crime Scene Investigation Workbook

A specially developed companion lab exercise workbook—The Complete Crime Scene Investigation Workbook (ISBN: 978-1-4987-0142-6)—is also available for purchase and can be used in conjunction with this handbook, both for group training purposes or for individuals looking for hands-on self-study. This specially developed workbook can be used in conjunction with the Complete Crime Scene Investigation Handbook […]

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Meet Everett Baxter Jr.

Mr. Baxter has over 25 combined years in law enforcement. He began his law enforcement career in 1991 with the Norman Police Department’s EMS Division. This unique service provided EMS care to the citizens of Norman, Oklahoma through the Police Department. At that time, there were only a handful of police agencies that provided EMS services to their citizens and one of three that actually provided ambulance service through the police department. Mr. Baxter joined the Oklahoma City Police Department in 1998 and is currently assigned to the Crime Scene Unit of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

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