Shooting Incident Reconstruction 1 Course (40 Hours)

Tuition Cost $570.00

Course Content

This course will begin with a review of the proper documentation of a shooting incident.  The information obtained from this documentation will be utilized in the course.  Attendees will learn the mathematical and scientific principles associated with a shooting incident.  The attendees will spend several days working on exercises associated with the mathematics.  The attendees will also perform live fire exercises at a pistol range.  Some of these exercises are designed to validate and verify the shooting incident mathematical principles are in fact accurate.  The live fire exercises will included shooting a vehicle and windshields and glass.  The attendees will then examine and document bullet defects in the vehicle and glass.
  • The NAS Report and Recommendations
  • OSAC
  • Limitations on Shooting Incident Reconstruction Analysis
  • Consistent vs. Identification
  • Proper Documentation of Shooting Incident
  • Bullet Defect Labeling
  • Ballistics
    • Internal Ballistics
    • Terminal Ballistics
    • External Ballistics
  • Proper Measurements to Document Bullet Defects
  • Photography
  • Geometry Review
  • Trigonometric Relationships
  • Bullet Defect Characteristics
  • The Scientific Method and the Shooting Incident Reconstruction Worksheet
  • Mathematical Approach for Determining a Parameter for the Shooters Location
  • Mathematical Approach for Determining Whether or Not a Shot Is Possible
  • Shooting Incident Reconstruction Using Lasers and Strings
  • Vehicle Documentation and Issues
  • Ricochets
  • Glass
  • Ammunition
  • Shooting Incident Confirmatory Tests
  • Powder Patterning (Distance Determination Tests)
  • Computer Uses in Shooting Incident Reconstruction
  • Report Writing in Shooting Incident Reconstruction
  • Preparation for Court

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