Crime Scene Investigation Course (80 Hours)

Tuition Cost $595.00

Course Content

The course will follow the format of the book the Complete Crime Scene Investigation Handbook.  The Handbook is divided into 6 Sections, Introduction, Documentation, Locating Evidence, Types of Evidence, Special Considerations and Putting it all Together.  This course will begin with identifying the investigative team and their individual responsibilities.  This is followed by a review of the Forensic Search and Seizure.  Attendees will then learn the various methods to document a crime scene, which include:
  • Note Taking
  • Photography
  • Sketching
Following the documentation instruction, attendees will be given instruction on Locating Evidence, which includes
  • Crime Scene Searching Techniques
  • Alternate Light Source
  • Presumptive Tests and Chemical Enhancements
  • Latent Fingerprint Development
  • Evidence Collection and Packaging
The attendees will then take the instruction from Section 2 and learn the various methods to specifically identify, document, collect and process the following types of evidence:
  • Physical Evidence
  • Serological Evidence
  • Trace Evidence
  • Firearms and Toolmark Evidence
  • Footwear and Tire Impression Evidence
  • Digital Evidence
  • Injury Documentation
The attendees will then learn the documentation of evidence that may not always present at all crime scenes, however may encounter from time to time.  These various special considerations include:
  • Shooting Scene Documentation
  • Bloodstain Documentation
  • Clandestine Graves and Scattered Human Remains
  • Fire Scenes
  • Questioned Document Evidence
The attendees will wind down the training with lectures on the processing methodology and report writing.  The attendees will then have an opportunity to put their knowledge to work by processing a mock crime scene.

Upcoming Classes

Location of Training Dates of Training Download Course Flyer
116 S Smith, Cuba, MO 65453 August 19 - 23 and 26-30, 2019 Download Course Flyer Register for Course
13103 NE 29th St. Amarillo, TX 79111 September 23 - 27 and 30 - October 4, 2019 Download Course Flyer Register for Course